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What is GRILLZ

GRILLZ is first reflection token for the $300 billion dollar global jewelry industry. Every transaction gives members an auto-boost through our hyper deflation protocol.

We are building a system that will become the standard for jewelry purchases.

We want all jewelry purchases to be managed on the blockchain in order to accurately know where these products are sourced. Our goal is to build a backend distributed ledger system to help create a shared and synchronized database for all jewelry products. This will help both consumers and retailers know where products come from and help authenticate if something is real or not.

The goal is to create a long term tamper-proof and permanent digital record — from mine to consumer — for every diamond.

From manufacturer to consumer for every Rolex watch, every product on our app will authenticate the veracity of the item.

At Grillz we want to help consumers answer these questions when making a purchase

How can I guarantee the ethical provenance of a diamond or precious stone or whether it is real and not fake?

How can I secure and track the movement of a jewel within a fragmented and opaque supply chain? And how can I authenticate ownership of a piece if that is called into question? Well, this can all happen on the blockchain and within the GRILLZ app.





3% to help promote and buy back


Immediate rewards of 10% in BNB on every transaction to holders. Min hold 713,000

Buy and Burn

3% of all transactions are bought on the open market and then burned, which means an instant boost on all transactions.


Verified authentic from Rolex




  • Site development with industry leaders from the watch and jewelry industry and other mathematicians.
  • Social media launch and growth to 2,000 members per platform
  • Website launch
  • QA with consumers and jewelry experts
  • Start marketing campaigns which include offline and online
  • Giveaways to build base
  • Build key team


  • Apply to be in to the top 20 exchanges listing
  • Dashboard for rewards
  • Beta launch of GRILLZ jewelry app
  • Continue partnerships with jewelry companies
  • Community Airdrops
  • Launch on ERC20/UniSwap
  • $10 Million Market Cap
  • Social media launch and growth to 10,000 members per platform
  • TrustSwap and Blockfolio Listing


  • App launch and integration with top jewelry and watch distributors
  • Online marketplace for consumers to register and review products
  • Work with celebrities on social media
  • Continue to develop social to 20,000 members
  • Get to 25,000 Holders